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Vermeer vases and tableaus

In 2007 I was approached to participate in an exhibition “the Girls of Vermeer”. Could I convert Vermeer’s paintings into porcelain? I was already somewhat adept at this because I had been working on the work of Maria Sybilla Merian for a few years, so I said ‘yes’ and it became a huge challenge. Due to the success of this exhibition, an international exhibition “Liefs Vermeer” was held in 2012 in Delft and in Hodenpijl (The Netherlands). (Johannes Vermeer married in the hidden church in the glory of Hodenpijl.)


By mixing and stacking the colored porcelain in different ways and then cutting it again, patterns are created (think of making sushi). The whole is formed into a block-shaped piece of porcelain. Very thin slices are cut from this. The pattern that then arises (Agate stone) is rolled out into a thin plate. This plate is cut into a desired shape and then assembled together. This creates a fragmentary form.
I use Nerikomi because of the spontaneous effect and the movement. Both the inside and the outside of the shape receive equal attention, the image can be seen on both sides.
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Items are for sale
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